This New Device Makes Your Skin Hairless and Smooth as a Baby, All From the Comfort of Your Own Bathroom...

10/07/2024 | Stephanie Peters

Summary: A new French invention is taking the European beauty world by storm, taking a technology used in hospitals and beauty salons and putting it in the palm of your hand, making men and women everywhere throw away their wax strips and second guess why they even need anyone else to make their skin smooth and beautiful. You can now get your Velvet Skin with 50% Discount and Free Delivery!

Have you lost the genetic lottery with body hair? Do you absolutely hate the searing pain of wax hair removal? Are you simply to broke to afford he never ending laser hair removal treatments? Well then we’ve got a treat for you today. Read on.
Summer is already well under way and we are all scrambling to deal with all that body hair that makes us so self-conscious once we shed all the winter clothes. Some of us will use the good old fashion razor, some of us the wax strips and some of us laser therapy salons.
But some of us, like this team of French engineers, did not sit idle this winter (or the three winter before for that matter). They toiled and finalized the design of a brand-new device that allows you to forget about the pain, the cuts and the heaps of spent cash, and enjoy the same hairless beautiful smooth skin as before, with much, much less hassle.

Pain-free Hair Removal at Home?

They call it the Velvet Skin, a small handheld device that is already making waves and many a smooth leg across Europe. 
The pulsed light technology has been in use for a while, but with the Velvet Skin it moves comfortably into your bathroom with a device that fits in your hand. Unlike the cut and acne causing razors, the painful wax and the never-ending laser sessions, this device dispenses with all that nonsense and just let’s you have that smooth skin you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your own home.
It’s incredibly easy to use and very safe, and, of course, lasts for years, saving you much money and literal pain, all with just 45 minutes of use a month.  
I personally took it for a spin for two months, read on to see my results.

What Even is This Pulsed Light Technology Anyway?

Basically, it works on the same principle as laser hair removal, but with different wave lengths, which are less powerful but are delivered in a more effective way, and most importantly are safe to use at home, so no need to worry about accidentally singeing your skin!
I have to tell you ladies (and gentlemen, many guys are using this lovely device too), this device absolutely astonished me when I tried it. It was pretty easy to figure out, just plug it in, press the button to choose one of 5 intensity levels and get to work. There was some heat but no real pain, and the results were clearly visible within a couple of weeks. 
After two months of extensive testing, I’ve managed to sum up how incredible the Velvet Skin is:

IPL Technology – Intense pulsed light technology that is effective and safe to use.

Portable – Can use anywhere with a socket. Your house, your hotel room, the company office when nobody is looking.

Tougher than any hair – Man or woman, the device can handle anything from the back hair to the thick beard.

No charging – No need to worry if you charged it or anything, just plug and play.

5 adjustable levels of light treatment intensity – Match it to your goals and needs.

Multiple Uses – Intense pulsed light is used to treat other skin imperfections as well, consult the booklet!

Affordable and long lasting – The Velvet Skin has a lifespan of 10 years! Or 300,000 flashes.

And finally, it’s not actually just limited to hair removal, it can also improve other skin imperfections like broken capillaries, rosacea and facial flushing!
I am truly amazed by Velvet Skin, the fact that it’s good for 10 years stunned me. Just try to remember how much money you spent on wax and laser sessions this past decade!
But then I figured, wait, how much money would I be saving? I figured making all this technology portable doesn’t come cheap. It’s probably going to cost me more than my laser sessions, right? Turns out the original price of the device is just 189€. For a piece of tech that will last me a decade it’s already unbelievable, but turns out they are having a special new stock launch sale, driving the price down another incredible 50% to just 94.95€ ! And with free worldwide shipping added into the mix!
I have been left truly speechless. There’s really no reason to go back to your salon after this.
NOTE: It’s super easy to use, but read the instruction manual if you want the best and quickest results!

98% Of Velvet Skin Customers Recommend This Device To Their Friends

“The local lockdown has made my favorite salon go bust and I was struggling to find ways to get rid of the hair that wasn’t those god awful wax and razors. I was so lucky to find this thing. It’s like I have my own beauty salon at home!”

“Have you seen the 40-year-old virgin waxing scene? Well yes that’s EXACTLY how it feels every time I wax my chest and oh boy does my girlfriend like hearing me scream like a little girl. She’s a bit disappointed now that we switched to this painless device, but she sure as hell isn’t complaining about the results.”

“OMG!!! This thing is amazing!!! It doesn’t hurt it makes my skin smooth and it saves me soooo much time and moneyyy! 10/10 recommended I absolutely love it!!!”

Conclusions: Is the Velvet Skin worth it?

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Girls, and guys, why are you even bothering to ask? Yes. It’s amazingly easy to use, saves a buttload of money and a ton of hassle, plus the sale and free shipping and it’s like the big Oprah in the sky decided that you get smooth skin, and you get smooth skin, everybody gets smooth skin! Go get your Velvet Skin, before it runs out of stock!

Where do I Get my Velvet Skin?

Now that you’ve heard the word, you’re probably want to know where to get it, so here are the simple steps:

    1. Order an original Velvet Skin from the official supplier website here.
    2. Plug it in and make your skin look absolutely amazing.

TIP: The Velvet Skin is Selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before this promotion ends!

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